Artist Statement

I have always had a love for the big cats, ever since my first experience seeing the male lion at the Sequoia Park Zoo. Their strength and beauty have always been an inspiration to me, so it was a natural progression for me to create a series of paintings on the endangered cats of the world.  

I have chosen to elevate them by creating their portraits in the style of the 17th Century Dutch Masters.   I paint in oil using a neutral background to keep the focus on the individual cat.   I try to capture an expression that shows the unique character, as in the quizzical look on the face of Petra, Bengal Tiger Cub.  My hope is that others see them as individuals with distinct personalities.  

With my art, I hope to expose more people to the beauty and dignity of the great cats.  I want society to understand that we need to protect these animals and not hunt them as trophies.  My desire is that my paintings inspire people to preserve these treasures we cannot afford to lose.



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